Monthly Archive:: April 2017

How to Boot Galaxy S8 into Safe Mode

Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most powerful Android devices in the market today. Misconfigurations, corrupt files or firmware/hardware issues is very often occur in the use of the Galaxy S8. If you encounter this problem, it’s important for you to know how to boot Galaxy S8 into Safe mode. Safe mode allows you […]

How to Fix Fast Charging Not Working on Galaxy S8

Many users of Samsung mobile phone that admire how sophisticated features and tools that available to support Samsung’s mobile phone itself, which certainly has a function to facilitate the users further. What one of the powerful tools that help Samsung phones work itself is the fast charging feature. You should know that the fast-charging feature […]

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S8

When you encounter any problem on your mobile phone, you usually immediately decided to rearrange your phone because it was the quickest way to resolve the issue. This is a common thing that occurs in a variety of smartphones. Same with the Samsung Galaxy S8, they are used to refresh the look of your phone […]

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S8 Using Simple Method

As users of smartphones, of course, we often find that our phone stopped working. It is sure to be something that is very annoying especially when you use it when needed. Probably most people will immediately perform a hard reset because that’s the fastest way to fix it. It also means you can do on […]