Before we are going to far to tell about the step to activate Edge Lighting on Samsung Galaxy S8, you may need to know what “Edge Lighting” is. Based on Samsung’s website, It comes from the Apps edge which displays your five apps you used most frequently to access right away. You can get the things you want to do fast from your phone with shortcuts to apps. You can set the shortcuts for your cameras, calendars, or messages.

activate edge lighting on samsung galaxy s8


The edge panel works in standby mode. You can just slide your finger along the edge when the phone is in standby mode. You can view the information you need from there, such as weather forecast, and news updates. The edge lighting we are talking about will be working when the phone is facing down. The lighting features would light up at the edge of the screen to show you the calls or notifications. You can also set the color based on the contacts.

Steps to Activate Edge Lighting on Samsung Galaxy S8

The first thing you need to do to activate edge lighting is to select and drag the Edge tab. Then, select the Settings icon. From there, you can enable or disable an Edge screen panel by selecting the checkmark box on the panel you want. This Settings panel would also allow you to edit edge tab appearance, customize the apps edge screen, customize the people’s edge tab, customize the tasks edge tab, and also turn edge tab on or off.

But, you are here not to know about those settings. You want to know about how to activate edge lighting. Here it is. On the Settings panel, select Display. Scroll it down to “Edge screen.” There will be two things you need to know there. They are Edge panels and Edge Lighting. To enable or disable the Edge Lighting, you need to select the switch. You can activate edge lighting from there.