Galaxy S8 Tips and Tricks Archive

How To Quickly Launch Camera On Samsung Galaxy S8

With the development of advanced technology that exists today, almost everyone interested in having a sophisticated smartphone anyway. It is intended that they will be blind to the existing technology. All smartphones that exist today give a great feature to lure each consumer purchasing power. One of them is the Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung Galaxy […]

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 MicroSD Card Problems

The Samsung’s latest product is the Samsung Galaxy S8 finally decided to reuse the microSD card feature. It certainly makes many Samsung fans feel happy, and even, it is one of the reasons that determined many buyers to try out this device. However, after the launch of this phone, many users have complained about the […]

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Rotation Problem

Have you found your Galaxy S8 screen rotation can’t work properly? Screen rotation sometimes we need to look at the wider screen display and clear because we can change the position of the screen from vertical to horizontal. However, at times we need precisely when the screen rotation can‘t work, and of course, it makes […]

How To Fix GPS Issues on Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is one smartphone that demands a lot of people today. However, as one of the best smartphone this time it also does not make Galaxy S8 avoid any problems. Phones that suddenly stops working, the screen does not work, even troubled GPS feature can also occur. For those of you who have […]

How To Disable Talkback on Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung always provides the advanced innovations available in any mobile phone always to give convenience for users. Do you already know what the talkback feature of Samsung Galaxy S8? For those of you who do not know in advance, turning comments feature is a feature which is intended as a support function navigation for visually […]