A mobile phone is one of the most popular devices used by everybody. Now, almost everybody has it because of need. Because it is favorite, there are some kinds of mobile phones which offer many fantastic features in it, includes Samsung Galaxy S8. With this mobile phone, you will have a chance to enjoy the simple and attractive usages and comfortably operate the application.

enable power saving mode on samsung galaxy s8


Talking about the application, this great mobile phone is completed with ‘Power Saving Mode.’ This mode will be good to manage the battery power so that it will not end soon. With Power Saving Mode, the users of the phone will have the benefit that the battery of the phone will stay longer. So, you can still use the application needed of your mobile phone with little battery power.If you want to enable Power Saving Mode on Samsung Galaxy S8, follow these steps below.

Here are the steps to enable Power Saving Mode on Samsung Galaxy S8

  1. First, you can navigate the setting from the home screen.
  2. After you do it, there will appear some choices. Choose ‘battery”.
  3. Then, there will appear the choice of OFF, MID, and MAX. Tap one of them (MID or MAX) then you should tap apply. For MID, it is a common power saving mode. To get maximum power saving mode, you can choose MAX.
  4. The turning on a process of power saving mode has finished.

Furthermore, when you want to get more desired choices for this mode, you can click CUSTOMIZE. From this icon, you will get more choices that you can adjust the power saving mode, such as decrease brightness, screen resolution, speed limiter, background network usage and also always on display. Those choices can be adjusted as you want to make you satisfied with the power saving mode. Are you curious? Just prove it!

Therefore, we hope all steps on enable Power Saving Mode on Samsung Galaxy S8 can be valuable for you. You can read more Samsung Galaxy S8 Tips on the next page. If you have any questions, please fill in the comments field below.