Many users of Samsung mobile phone that admire how sophisticated features and tools that available to support Samsung’s mobile phone itself, which certainly has a function to facilitate the users further. What one of the powerful tools that help Samsung phones work itself is the fast charging feature. You should know that the fast-charging feature is not found in all smartphones. If you have problem with your fast charging not working on Galaxy S8, the simple tips below will hep you.


fast charging not working on galaxy s8

What is it fast charging features? For those of you who don’t know before, fast charging feature is one of the most appreciated amenities of using a Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone where you will be able to charge the battery with a shorter time compared to the others. But before you decide to use the feature, try to consider the following things first:

Fast Charging Not Working on Galaxy S8 and How to Fix it

  • Are you using the Samsung Galaxy S8?
    If you are a user of Samsung Galaxy S8, be sure to turn off your device’s screen when using fast-charging feature. Fast charging feature doesn’t work with the phone screen is turned on or when you use it.
  • Check your Samsung fast charger is certified or not.
    Samsung fast charger approved course will do mobile phone battery charging with a fast time anyway.
  • Use airplane mode, and it will give more optimal results.
    Airplane mode shut down many processes and functions so as to minimize the power consumption of the device as much as possible. Then you can see the rapid charging without any problems.
  • Disable some features on your phone.
    Probably you can manually turn off some unused features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or some other application running on your Galaxy S8 it is also certainly can provide optimal results in fast charging feature.