The Samsung’s latest product is the Samsung Galaxy S8 finally decided to reuse the microSD card feature. It certainly makes many Samsung fans feel happy, and even, it is one of the reasons that determined many buyers to try out this device. However, after the launch of this phone, many users have complained about the microSD card. But you do not have to worry, to solve Galaxy S8 MicroSD card problems, you can try some of the Galaxy S8 Tips below:

galaxy s8 microsd card problems

Steps to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 MicroSD Card Problems

Make sure that the microSD card is correctly installed.

Here’s how to check:

  1. Press the Apps icon.
  2. Select the My Files.
  3. Navigate to Storage Device.
  4. Tap on Local Storage.
  5. Seek SD card – if you see it listed, everything is ok!.

Reboot your Galaxy S8


Once, after making sure that the microSD card is completely installed, try to reboot the device. How do you reboot:

  1. Press the Volume Down and Power button simultaneously for 10 seconds .
  2. Wait until your smartphone is turn off .
  3. Soon, your phone will vibrate, and finally, reboot. Check once again that the SD card is working or not.

Try to insert a microSD card to another device

Using a microSD card with other devices will help you determine whether your phone was to blame or the card itself. You can try to connect your phone to a PC, laptop, tablet or another device that supports microSD function to check whether it works or not.

Formatting a microSD card

Before you decide to buy a new one, you can do a simple reformat. When you are ready, you have to do is to:

  1. Launch the Apps icon
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Press the Storage
  4. Select the SD card
  5. Select Format
  6. Wait a few seconds or more, until the phone is finished formatting