Samsung Galaxy S8 is one smartphone that demands a lot of people today. However, as one of the best smartphone this time it also does not make Galaxy S8 avoid any problems. Phones that suddenly stops working, the screen does not work, even troubled GPS feature can also occur. For those of you who have trouble with GPS on your new Galaxy S8, then consider the following steps to fix GPS issues on Samsung Galaxy S8.

fix gps issues on samsung galaxy s8

Best Ways to Fix GPS issues on Samsung Galaxy S8

Enable High Accuracy Mode.

fix gps galaxy s8

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on the location – make sure Switched On.
  • Select High Accuracy option available there.

Download GPS Status and Toolbox

With this particular application, you will gain access to a large variety of options and settings. With this application, you can use the additional tools to tag and share your location, leveling tools, compass, navigation with Radar. Extra tools for marking and sharing your location, leveling tools, compass tools, navigation with Radar are only a few of the cool features available within this app that you can download and start exploring right away from here.


Clear the cache of other applications that use GPS

If you have a lot of third-party applications installed on it and that usually rely on GPS, clean the cache of the application can solve the problem:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Access Application Manager.
  • Press the Clear Cache.

Do the factory reset to your Galaxy S8

Factory reset is a process that will erase all data, information, and settings from your smartphone. It is usually effective to restore factory defaults.

Before you do a factory reset, do the following ways:

  • Backup all your data.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Access Backup and Reset section
  • Press the Reset Device
  • Select Erase everything.

Run the test GPS for satellite and decide accordingly

If you don’t select a signal from the same satellite from other devices that use GPS without any problems, you have every reason to suspect a hardware problem.