In addition as a security tool that allows you to enter a code your authentication, password, pattern or anything, Lock Screen of your Samsung Galaxy S8 is also a screen from which you can quickly access multiple applications at the same time; it is the screen that you personalization in various ways. By doing so, you will be very easy to access applications quickly without having to go through the home button. But sometimes, we find that the lock screen just does not work, and it makes us feel confused how to fix lock screen not working on Galaxy S8. Here are some things that you can use the screen lock feature on your Galaxy S8.

lock screen not working on galaxy s8


Two Ways for Fix Lock Screen Not Working on Galaxy S8

Creating a new wallpaper for the lock screen Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Press the Home screen.
  • Identify the blank and press and hold on it.
  • Wait for Edit mode to start – you will recognize the available options at the bottom of the screen – Widgets, Display Settings, Wallpaper.
  • Press the wallpaper.
  • Tap Lock screen.
  • Surf through the images included in there and pick one for your wallpaper.
  • Or press the Image to navigate the Gallery app and look through the photos taken by you.
  • Press the Set Wallpaper button when you are finished

How to tweak other settings of Galaxy S8 lock screen

Go to the Settings and tap on the Lock Screen menu. Once in there, you will see 7 different features and options:

  • Dual Clock (displaying two different time zones at the same time).
  • Clock Size (adjusting the size of the clock widget).
  • Show the Date.
  • Camera Shortcut.
  • Owner Information (displaying Twitter handles and other information chosen by you).
  • Unlock Effect (various animations and visual effects that change the feel and the look of the screen).
  • Additional Info (where you can add some pedometer or weather info).