Have you found your Galaxy S8 screen rotation can’t work properly? Screen rotation sometimes we need to look at the wider screen display and clear because we can change the position of the screen from vertical to horizontal. However, at times we need precisely when the screen rotation can‘t work, and of course, it makes we feel annoyed. This problem may occur on all smartphones, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S8, and the problem may also occur on this phone.

galaxy s8 screen rotation

The problem also affects when we use the camera. When we wanted to take a picture in a horizontal position, but the rotation of the screen can’t work, then it certainly makes us upset, and we can only take a picture in the vertical form only. When you see everything upside down, even the keys in the camera application, then you just confirm yourself that you’re looking at a problem gyroscope/accelerometer.

When people experience these problems on the smartphone, they usually will perform updates to the existing software. However, if the issue is with the software bugs, then you need an update to fix it. Also, you can also perform a hard reset on your phone because it is the fastest way you can do to fix it. Before you get to the final this way, make sure what else can you check out.


Steps to Fix Galaxy S8 Screen Rotation Problem

Check whether the accelerometer or gyroscope works well

To do so, it may depend on your wireless carrier. If you type the code without results, it means that your provider does not let you access the service screen. Instead, you can perform a factory default S8 Galaxy restoration – if you do not know how to do it, this guide will prove quite useful.

  1. Launch the Dialer application;
  2. Type in the code *#0*#;
  3. Wait to see if the screen will automatically open a Service Mode;
  4. When it does, select Sensor;
  5.  Perform a self-test.

How to perform a Hard Reset on your S8 Galaxy

If the above is not quite petrified you solve the problem; then you can try the following methods.

  1. Make sure you make backups of all your data, as the process will erase everything on your device (Go to Settings, then tap Backup & reset)
  2. Read the Samsung S8 user manual on how to run a hard reset on Galaxy S8 and follow the instructions step-by-step.

After you perform a hard reset, then you will get a fresh start on your phone, and the screen rotation should work perfectly.