As users of smartphones, of course, we often find that our phone stopped working. It is sure to be something that is very annoying especially when you use it when needed. Probably most people will immediately perform a hard reset because that’s the fastest way to fix it. It also means you can do on your Galaxy S8. If you are Galaxy S8 users and need to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S8, follow the instructions below.

hard reset samsung galaxy s8


But you need to know before, when you do a hard reset, then everything in your phone will be lost, including applications, data, and other valuable information. To prevent all your data from being erased completely, be sure to back up everything on the Galaxy S8. To perform a backup of all the data that you need, you just need to do and follow this way: Go to your settings -> then click Backup and reset.

There are two ways that you can use to perform a hard reset on your Samsung Galaxy S8. You can follow the guide below.

Steps to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S8:

  1. Turn off you Samsung Galaxy S8
  2. Then make sure that you click the Power, Home, and Volume Up buttons at the same time holding them. This will bring the Samsung logo.
  3. You can use the Volume keys to scroll through the options and use the Power button to select an option. Click Recovery mode and then click the delete data.
  4. To ensure that you receive, click ‘Yes, delete all user data “.
  5. Then choose to “reboot system now” once complete.

Another Way to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy S8

  1. Make sure that your Galaxy S8 is turned off
  2. Search Menu and then go to the Settings
  3. Reset your device by selecting Backup & reset.
  4. Click Erase everything to make your choice.