One of the best features in Galaxy S8 (also available in S8+) is Smart Select. Even though this feature is interesting, only a few people know about what this feature can do. The Smart Select feature is borrowed from the Galaxy Note 7. Today we will teach you how to create animated Gifs on Galaxy S8.

What is the Smart Select Feature?


According to Samsung’s website, this feature lets you choose, clip, and collect anything that grabs your interest. With that, you can easily share them with your friend anytime you want. Do not mind about the size, and shape of the content. The smart select feature would capture it all quickly with the S Pen. One of the best thing about this feature is the GIF making tools.

create animated gifs on galaxy s8

Steps to Create animated GIFs on Galaxy S8

  • First, you need to find things you want to make GIFs. After you found the video or short clip you want to turn into GIF format. Get into the Smart Select Panel on your Samsung S8, then select “Animation”.
  • After you have opened the animation option, you have to make a box around the video or clip you want to capture.
  • You can do it by moving edges of its corners. Then, select “Record” while playing the video.
  • From that, the tool will capture the video. The important thing to remember is to make sure that you play the video first before selecting “Capture.” If you the opposite, you will end up having a static-screen GIF.
  • While the video is being recorded, there is a useful length timer and the indicator of file size that make you easy to view the result size and duration. The new GIF you’ve done will be found in the Google Photos app. It is a lot easier to create animated GIFs with the quick select panel in S8 than with third-party apps.

Those are the steps on how to create animated Gifs on your Galaxy S8. Once you learn these Galaxy S8 tips, now you can create your own animated gifs, you can share your creations with your friends