When you encounter any problem on your mobile phone, you usually immediately decided to rearrange your phone because it was the quickest way to resolve the issue. This is a common thing that occurs in a variety of smartphones. Same with the Samsung Galaxy S8, they are used to refresh the look of your phone to be better than ever. If you want to know how to factory reset Samsung Galaxy S8, here is.

factory reset samsung galaxy s8

However, before you do a factory reset on your Galaxy S8, don’t forget to backup a file that exists on your phone, so all the files are not lost. You can backup your data on your smartphone by simply going to: select Settings -> then choose Backup and Reset.


Step by Step to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S8

hard reset galaxy s8

  1. Tap the gear icon after going to the notification. This requires you to Settings.
  2. Click the Backup button displayed under the Users and Backup.
  3. Then click the factory. It is important that what you want to be supported only in case.
  4. Click Reset device. After that, you’ll hit the Delete all and it will take a few minutes for it to be complete.

Using Hardware Reset Key to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S8

If you have difficulties such as forgetting to lock pattern on your phone, you can’t get a menu, or your touch screen does not work, then you can use the following steps to reset your Galaxy S8.

galaxy s8 factory reset

  1. Your Samsung Galaxy S8 must to be turned off.
  2. Simultaneously turn the volume up; click on the power and home button. You will see the Android icon to pop up.
  3. Select the data after finding it using the volume down and after select is to use the power button.
  4. Then tap Yes to use the same steps as above.
  5. Your Galaxy S8 will restart then, you have to set things again that everything has been erased.