With the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 by the parties, it is expected to be the first mobile device to ship with Viv loaded features. According to some source, Samsung will use Bixby; Bixby is what the assistant Viv will be called in nearly all native applications will be installed on the Galaxy S8. The status bar will always be visible when Bixby is being used so that users will have direct access to notifications and quick settings.

What is Bixby Assistant?

The Bixby assistant will replace S Voice features that has been existing before, but you don’t need to worry because this feature will certainly offer more advanced features comparable to what is already available on other mobile platforms. Bixby will be able to provide answers and actions based on contexts, such as Siri on the iPhone and Google Now in the Google Pixel and Home Google. Google Now is available on Google Pixel for now, but Google probably will want to see it on more Android devices in the future.

bixby assistant


The story says that Bixby could be used by owners of the phone to, for example, ask for specific pictures and videos in Samsung’s own Gallery app. The report also claims, via their unnamed sources, that most of Galaxy S8’s native apps will get a user interface revamp that will make them all look similar. It adds that the phone’s status bar will always be visible on the phone.

Bixby will be integrated in Samsung’s own Android apps as well as Samsung Pay Mini. The latter will be a lighter, stripped-down version of the company’s mobile payment system. It will be able to make online payments only, whereas the full-blown version of Samsung Pay also allows transactions in physical stores.

With the use of Bixby, then we can look at how did the Google will react to Bixby considering they compete directly against the new core search feature for Android.

Source: BGR