Regardless of which phone you have, the presence of physical keys already seemed so mandatory at this time. But in the future it could be the condition will turn around, because Samsung called wanting to clean the physical buttons on the Galaxy S8. If this is true, practically it will make the Galaxy S8 as the first mobile phone that comes with no physical buttons. As reported by Ubergizmo, the absence of physical buttons on the Samsung Galaxy S8 reportedly will be replaced by a sort of 3D touch technology.

samsung galaxy s8


“Galaxy S8 will completely get rid of physical buttons, Samsung will replace them with buttons with functions such as 3D touch,” says a source. Although not previously suspected, leakage about Galaxy S8 actually already giving clues about the absence of physical buttons. Samsung called will remove the home button from the front of the Galaxy S8, and its function replaced by a full screen that will dominate.

The fingerprint scanner will be positioned below the screen, so the user can directly touch the fingerprints on the surface of the screen to unlock it. Besides that, Galaxy S8 also be considered to be using the latest technology that has the Edge display arches on all four sides. This means that the phone will actually appear without a bezel, which practically can eliminate space for physical buttons.

So it is quite reasonable that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be equipped with 3D function touch. To replace the physical volume buttons and power, at least Samsung will immerse 3D function on the screen side edge where the arch is.