Rooting becomes something important because this process will make your phone being able to more powerful. Of course, you will be happier if the restrictions of your Smartphone can be eliminated.  Unfornutelly, not all people know well about how to unroot after you root it. Don’t be worried. In this time, we will explain you about the way for unroot Galaxy S8 and S8+ so you can it by yourself easily.

unrooting galaxy s8

The unrooting process is done by some people after rooting their device. This is because the Smartphone that has been rooted will not get any OTA updates. This is one of the examples cons you will get. For that, there are many people want to unroot their Smartphone. It is for the security. If you want to unroot your Galaxy S8 and S8+, the steps for unrooting the device are at the below. However, there are few things you must keep in your mind before doing the process, they are:

  1. This way is just for Samsung S8 and S8+, so don’t use this method for unrooting the other devices.
  2. You must charge your device minimally up to 50%.
  3. Backup your data installed in your device into your computer. Copy the entire folder of this application to keep the data.
  4. Choose OEM data cable for connecting your Smartphone to the computer.

Those are some important things you must consider to get the success in doing the unroot process.

Downloads Required for Unrooting Samsung Galaxy S8


  1. Download Samsung USB Driver.
  2. Download Odin_3.12.3.
  3. Download the correct Stock ROM file for your Galaxy S8 HERE. (Make sure that the firmware is same with your Galaxy S8 version).

Steps to Unroot Galaxy S8

Make sure you have kept your data on your device before doing the unrooting process. This is because when the unrooting is going to process, all of your data will be gone. For that, you must back up some important data. After you backup the data, now you can follow some steps here:

  • Firstly, install the Smart Switch to your Smartphone.
  • Secondly, download v3.12.3 of Odin from your PC.
  • Then, download S8 firmware. Choose the one that is relevant to your device. After that, you must extract some files into your PC.
  • Change your Smartphone into the download mode.
  • Connect your Smartphone to PC with USB cable. Make sure it can be connected well.
  • Open te odin.exe file in PC and then you should click the AP button.

unroot galaxy s8

  • There is a section called ID:COM (on the left upper side of the window). The blank space underneath it will turn blue if your device is recognized. (If the phone is not recognized make sure you have installed the USB Drivers)
  • Click on ‘AP’ and add the .tar.md5 file from the firmware archive.
    IMPORTANT! Do not place anything under the PIT section and make sure that “re-partition” is not checked. (On the left side you will see Re-partition under the Option tab)
  • It will take some time for loading the file. In this case, you should be patient for waiting for it.
  • After the process has done, stop the connection between Smartphone and Computer.
  • Finally, your Smartphone can be set up after the booting process is over.

Those are some steps for unroot Galaxy S8 and S8+. Those steps are straightforward, so you can do it without taking much time. If you felt to do this process, the thing you must do is rechecking the USB and PC connection. This is because usually, the something issue in unrooting the device is all about the connection.

Be very careful while you go through this process. Make sure you understand all the risks and that you know all the steps before installing a Samsung firmware using Odin.


That after the last reboot your phone might get stuck in a boot loop. For resolving this issue you will have to access recovery mode on your Galaxy S8. From recovery you also have to make a hard reset (select “wipe data factory reset”) and clear cache (pick “wipe cache partition”). Similar, if Odin gets stuck, close it, force restart your phone, reinstall USB drivers on your computer and repeat the unroot process from above.